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Welcome to the poetry of Mary Fumento.



I was a shadow
That passed
As the bright sun

Moved by
Casting light
Leaving dark

And in emptiness
Making my mark
- Mary O. Fumento, 2013


So organized

Everything in place
Things have a moment
They have a space

Memorizing the emotion
And we can't let go


As if we could
Let go of those things
- Mary O Fumento, 2011

Basking on the Dock by Richard J. Oliver

On the Cusp

On the cusp
Of becoming real
The Velveteen Rabbit
Couldn't improve

The feeling, the hurt
All that was true

And the loss
Emptiness, of course
That only a simple rabbit
Could feel
- Mary O. Fumento, 2011

Beyond Bounds

The places we go
The people we know
Outlive what we think
For life is as it is
Lovely, available
Only we put bounds
On what we might be
Look outside and see
The majesty of those who are
- Mary O. Fumento, 2011


A symphony of knots
Holding everything together
A slip of slack
A throw of thread
And everything comes
- Mary O. Fumento, 2010


In shards it lays
Tiny, sharp fragments
Glistening in wait

For a slender limb
Or an errant finger

A prick, a poke
A hole it leaves
That gapes alone
- Mary O. Fumento, 2009


Life is beautiful
And impossible

We love, we lose
We care, we crash
We believe, we burn

But ever worthy
Pain is pulse

If nothing mattered
No point to exist
We would dissipate

Leaving no legacies
- Mary O. Fumento, 2009


It's all we get by default
We're born with it, remaining
Modest of it until we die

They don't come nearly as easy
Experience, exposure, environment
No simple skeletal structure

Bodies we are born with
To comfort us every day
And minds, they only vex
For we created them that way
- Mary O.Fumento, 2009

Oversaid, Undersaid

Always better to say
What we really feel
Than to let it all die
Never to be made real

And miss the very hearts
That need to hear so much
While in silence we cling
Grasping a favored crutch

Then in passion we say
What we believe we know
And the connection made
Was meant so long ago

But words were in the way
Or maybe it was their lack
Erasing what could have been
And leaving us no way back
- Mary O. Fumento, 2009

However long they seem, tears are momentary
And the forgiving heart forever recalls
The softest smile, the smallest love
Those tiny things that were worth it all

Mary O. Fumento, 2003

Book With A Buckle

The cover was leather-bound
Holding the contents tight
The pages worn with worry
From many a restless night

When words were only comfort
And confidence held in hand
Paper an unjudging confessor
A passive friend to understand

That life is a complicated maze
Of choices, decisions, their toll
Of purpose, meaning, definition
Pages of a diary of written full

So very like the depths of heart
Not secrets so much concealed
As dreams, wants, and feelings
Carved into person, and revealed
- Mary O. Fumento, 2008

I Know

I know
I have to go
So do you
But we had today

I will return
To today everyday
And know
I will find you there
- Mary O. Fumento, 2008


We think we know the beginning,
So we feel we should see the end.
Life's spectrum isn't clearly outlined;
We think it straight, without bend.

And yet it curves, and swirls ahead.
How could or should we ever even know
If there truly are finite boundaries
That dictate where and how we will go?

We fear the unknown and the unseen,
Yet like air they surround us together.
So we envision more permanent places:
Heaven and hell to house us forever.

Forbid we drift, no anchor attached,
No harness of defined time to resist.
For then we could be free and be always
And in that open space, simply exist.
- Mary O. Fumento, 2008


(For Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Daring beyond nothingness to exist)

Nestled in the sand
With an occasional peak or two
Waiting for the winds to change

With a red sun setting
And the beach finally abandoned
You take to the air

The clouds silently drift
While you effortlessly glide
Until it seems the sky moves

Not you
- Mary O. Fumento,1990

Crimson Shadows

Crimson shadows etched upon the sky
In tints of color, autumn's twin
Subtle outlines of trees on canvas
The glittering of stars begins
Cool air, a slight breeze
Crickets blend in harmonic song
The sun's rays slip behind mountains
Evening never lasts for long
- Mary O. Fumento,1984

Alpine Breezes

Gently sweeping though meadows of goldenrods and bluebells
Making the scented evergreen quiver like newborn
High, rolling slopes become an ocean of flowing grass
Blowing cool mist up from the cascading white rivers
Placing drops like heavenly jewels on gray stones
Puffing up the bright clouds and pushing them
And lifting the tawny eagle to heights unknown
- Mary O. Fumento,1984

Memory of Irina

By Laura OliverThey placed her so far away
And yet still right at hand
Somewhere within those corridors
A thin, young woman stands

She walks alone each morning
Locked in hidden privacy
To disguise an ugly secret
An unspoken, forgotten travesty

There is no door or window
Out of which to fix her gaze
No witness to hear her mantra
Her whispered, haunting phrase

Each day she combs and straightens
Her waist-length raven hair
The other hand absently stroking
The tiny face, blank and fair

And she asks of the glass before her
Reflecting one hurt and confused
"What have you done with Irina?"
As tears fill her eyes so blue

But no one answers her questions
They hide her away instead
And blame it on a winter of fever
That left a child all but dead

And while they hoped and prayed
For something to make her well
Her face stayed sad and vacant
Lost in a most painful spell

And the child grows up and older
Without ever companion or friend
For who could tolerate the question
She asks over and over again

So alone she waits, still expecting
The return of the only one she knows
Never understanding or knowing
That Irina returned so long ago

For the name is all that is familiar
To the face who searches the mirror
Which never yields the slightest response
To the woman so desperate to hear

For unknowingly as she searches
And asks the stranger who stares
"What have you done with Irina?"
Irina has always been there
- Mary O. Fumento,1996

La Sirene (The Mermaid)

Prisoner of the waves
Cherishing the sacred air
While trapped amid the sea
Beseeching the floating clouds
With eyes of glistening green
And stroking the relentless water
With tiny, ivory hands
And wishing for wings instead of scales

Even the gulls can touch the sky

But you remain forever bound
To the creatures of the deep
Drawn below by an invisible chain
That stretches into eternity
And clamps your soul like a fist
Forbidding you from other world
And sailing on the wind
A ride on the current of freedom

Only your sighs fly towards heaven
- Mary O. Fumento,1988

If I were here again
What I wouldn't do
To ensure a place in the future
And to forever accompany you


Water bubbling in a brook
Changing with every look
Despite barriers holding it back
Spirit the water does not lack
One small leak and the spirit flows
One small flow and the water goes
Rivers come to life and swiftly move
The hitting, bashing, smashing prove
Headstrong water follows its own will
Even when in silence it stands still
- Mary O. Fumento,1981


From the depths of my soul
Truth shouts into me
Life has no order
Reason stems from within
And the one to define it
Is exclusively me
- Mary O. Fumento,1997

Julia, at Four

Away you raced, wind in your soul
Perfume personality, no cares of your own
Elfin feet flew over endless reaching shore
Life a music-box joyride, waiting for you at four

Miniature maturing mind enveloping the sky
As if made witness to personal miracles there
You watched luminous clouds and birds and planes go by
As if by looking and dreaming even a child could fly

But away from my grasp you suddenly tore
And grasped at the elusive world you saw
Not noticing the danger that lurked in store
Fragile, falling Julia, broken and dying at four

Alone I remain, I wait, I endure
For Julia, who comes to visit no more
- Mary O. Fumento,1990

In Memory of a Fog

Softly creeping in among the pines of scented green
Gently rolling over meadows to cover rocky slopes
A veil of silence, deep and brooding
Distorting vague images of deer grazing
Slowly swirling, engulfing, surrounding
Absorbing all sounds until the forest seems empty
Except for the gurgling of a hidden brook
Grounded birds flutter beneath the shroud
Until they gather enough courage to disappear
Decapitated trees reach the top of the world

The sun breaks through the thickness
Only a blanket of glistening dew remains
- Mary O. Fumento,1984

Wild Horses

Over the wooded hills like a storm
Kicking stinging dirt into the air
The pounding thunder of powerful hooves
Long, slender legs fly over fallen logs
Flowing tails are banners in the wind
Mountain flowers carpeting their streak
Off to the sky they go racing
In the wonder of a morning run
- Mary O. Fumento,1984


Forever never arrives
Tomorrow lasts so long
The future is but a promise
And today is here and gone
- Mary O. Fumento,1997


I awoke today and emptiness emerged
From a soul in need and famished
And my lonely heart echoed the loss
And sat aching, alone and ravished
- Mary O. Fumento,1997


A million hopes
A million faces
A million cheers
A million clouds
A million prayers
Then nothing
- Mary O. Fumento,1986


Broken in the night
Fragmented shadows that weep
Skeletons of centuries past
Creaking in the wind
Stripped and abandoned
Faraway a mariner's bell
And a drunken laugh or two
Leaning there in the harbor
Absent aching, almost muted
With only waves for company
- Mary O. Fumento,1988


When we all lived in the woods
There were more of us then
How few have we become
And scattered too far away
Like dust disturbed we fly
Out and away from each other
To settle in places unknown
Abandoning what once was home
- Mary O. Fumento, 2005


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