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Welcome to Willow

Willow CopeDear Willow,

Welcome to the world. I am unsure it deserves you in your innocence and beauty. You are ideal in every way. If only the world could maintain you in your absolute perfection.

But, Willow, you can help the world. You can help us start over, because we really need a fresh place to begin again. And you are a reminder that new beginnings are possible, are positive, and are as natural as being born.

Willow, please remind us that life is not about what we own, or what we attain, or even what we become. Ironically, it is not about who we are, products of our environment. It is about who we originally were created by life itself with our gifts and talents.

It is about being as naturally flawless as you when we entered this world as well.

We used to know what we should do, and we used to know how we should feel. But our way of living somehow strips it all away. And you, instinctively, will do what we should have continued to do so many years ago.

Willow, please be free and please be you. We could never ask bigger or better things for you.

Be you, Willow, be you. Aspire to no other dream or conception than your own.

You are perfect, you are beautiful just by being you. And I will always love you.


- Mary O. Fumento, 2007

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