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Money cannot buy it. And time escapes it.

So while I pursue the dreams of today here, I hope beyond all hope that the magic of it all will wait for me. Because I do long to return.

So very much of me never left, although I have been away for many years. It is a mystical place. People who have never been there cannot begin to understand how very small we all are, but how interconnected to its very essence we will always be.

In my many wayward years, I have gained much experience for what the world has to offer and much appreciation for what lies forever beyond reach. Ownership is where we place all emphasis, while stewardship is where our deepest heart longing is met. But to protect those places we hold so dear.

What we wouldn't give.

There is a simple, dirt road in my past. Oh, the amazing, adventurous places it leads. There is peace at the end of that road, the history lived, the pain endured, the joys shared, the dreams embraced.

Nestled among the trees, a sanctuary still sits. The mountains embrace the worries, the sky smooths the cares, the river erases the concerns. And timeless, it stands.

Awaiting the return of pilgrims long lost.
- Mary O. Fumento, 2007

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