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Sky Dialogues

I really do need to just shut up.

My mind, my heart and my mouth go at hyper-active speeds in very different directions.

Every now and then by coincidence they align, and run in synch.

I would love to run off the woods and never be seen again. I could relate to Into the Wild. I want to lecture the stones, debate the trees, and understand the sky.

It is less about me doing it for myself, than me finally humbling myself enough to know what other things are about. Because I think I have all the answers. That is really conceited.

I try to be less opinionated, less bossy, less assuming.

But I fail at even that.

I am creative enough, but not humble enough to really listen.

But the movie spoke volumes to me.

He didn't mean to hurt people, although he really did. He tried to start over, to wipe the slate completely clean.

And he reminded me of my brother Chris, who did not know where to go, so he chose what he thought was the best path, hurting so many people along the way. Chris did not mean to hurt people. He was trying to figure it all out.

And at some level, it is just too big for any of us.

Or so spoke the sky.

- Mary O. Fumento, 2007

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