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Lecture on Love

(when don’t I lecture? News flash: never.)

What I have found…

(no big scientific study to back me up, though)

…is that we love anyway.

In spite of ourselves. In spite of our rules. In spite of society.

Our hearts know what we want.

We turn them off and listen to Dear Abby, Dr. Ruth or whatever expert.

Hearts are honest. And omniscient. They know.

Perhaps hearts don’t make practical or economic sense, but they make great emotional sense. If we listen.

We follow the heart’s siren song anyway, despite our rules and regulations.

I don’t think we can really help it.

Instinct drives us more than anything.

And I think that is honest; not bad or weak or selfish.

Just honest.

And it has a virtue all to its own.

It’s a good thing we love.

And perhaps even better we don’t really choose who we love.

I think we love them because we need them. But that is another lecture…
- Mary O. Fumento, 2008


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