Sparking Interest

by Mary O. Fumento
October 2009

“Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library. The only entrance requirement is interest.”  - Lady Bird Johnson

Sometimes numbers tell a better story than words, but often the two combined speak volumes.  Although libraries tend to be (relatively) quiet places, don’t mistake your local library system as anything but actively involved in supporting our county.

In September, the library system served over 6,000 people in 400 hours with ten staff members.  

Beyond books, magazines and computers, libraries are tremendous community hubs.  They are places to meet, engage and enjoy.  They are places to take education courses, apply for jobs, and listen to presentations.

Here are some of the exciting, interesting things that have been happening and are going to happen in your library system.

Welcome to New Faces

The library system is fortunate to have some additional friendly faces to help us pursue our mission of serving the community.  Please welcome Adrienne Forshee and Tracie Switser, our new Ten Sleep Library Branch employees.

We have a new volunteer, Helen Argeris, in Worland.  Helen volunteers several times a week to help us reshelve, allowing our staff to spend more time assisting you.

Incredible Event Wrap

The library system participated in the October 11 Bookfest for Raising Readers in Wyoming.  Our volunteer Anime Club performed entertaining skits, and the Friends of the Library donated all of the children’s books that were given away.  Raising Readers will host an evening storytime at the Worland library on November 3 and November 17.

The Reading Advisory Council helped the library system host an evening reception for children’s authors Bill and Carol Wallace on October 15. Over 75 people attended, and the library system sold over $800 of the Wallace books to local families on behalf of the Reading Council.

The Ten Sleep Harvest dinner on October 17 was astounding in attendance and in the multitude of generous raffle and auction items.  Thanks to the Ten Sleep staff and many volunteers for the countless hours of hard work and handiwork for this event.  Donations are one of the strongest indications of support for the library system.

We would like to express special thanks to Gary Klispie of Admiral Beverage for donating beverages to the Worland no school day program, and also to Carolina Brewster of The Greenery for helping decorate the Worland library for events.

Upcoming Events

If you have your calendar handy, here are some dates to save.

On Monday, October 26 the Worland library will host a tax presentation from the IRS on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and general tax credits for the upcoming filing season.  The presentation is open to the public and will begin at 11 a.m.  Come see what Income Tax Credits are available for you and your family on your 2009 Federal Income Tax Return. It may mean more money in your pocket if you qualify! As a bonus, learn what the Taxpayer Advocate for Wyoming does for Wyoming taxpayers and how to contact them if you need help dealing with the IRS.

On Thursday, October 29 please join us at the Worland library as we celebrate Friends of the Library Week with a free brunch from 10-11 a.m.

On Thursday, November 19, the Worland Business Roundtable will host a noon lunch presentation, “How to Protect Your Business against Swine Flu.”

Library System Fundraiser

In honor of Friends of the Library Week which began this week, 20% of sales to The Pampered Chef will be donated to the Worland Friends of the Library.  Orders are due by October 30th, and brochures and order forms can be picked up at the Worland library.  The Friends support the library system by donating to the Foundation, donating to the Endowment, purchasing books and supporting library programs.

Please consider what you can give to your library system.  Your volunteer hours and donations can help us be the community center we strive to be.




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