Summer Reading Programs a Smashing Success

by Mary O. Fumento
July 2009

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." — Frederick Douglass

Every year, the Washakie County Library System’s summer reading programs encourage local children and teens to explore books, learn new ideas and hopefully, develop a lifelong devotion to reading.

The programs were successful in various ways, and they left many youths happily engaged and proud of how much time they spent reading.  Thanks to the library staff at both libraries for working hard to make the programs interesting and dynamic. In the typical Washakie County way, the community stepped forward to be a terrific ally as the library system worked to educate.

Ten Sleep

The children in Ten Sleep attended the library summer reading program "Being Creative" with great enthusiasm. An average of 28 students were in attendance almost every day. This was very exciting as this is over half of the elementary enrollment.

Teachers and adults came forth to support art, music and science programs and more than 64 volunteer hours. A special cooperative effort with the Ten Sleep School provided us with the opportunity to provide a story teller/musical program from Philmont New York.

Special thanks to all community members for craft supplies, teachers, Pepsi, CSO, with special thanks to Dave Egger for everyday story reading and program support, and Rome Hill Ranch/Terry and Bob Samuel for providing our end of the program lunch during our waterfun party. As always, thanks to the Friends of the Ten Sleep Library for T-shirts, supplies and book awards for student with the most read books. And thanks to all of the students who embrace our program with dedication. As always...the "cool" place to be in the summer is the Ten Sleep Library!  


Fifty pre-school and elementary children signed up in Worland for a program with 5 different reading levels, incremented in minutes spent reading. Achieving a new level was rewarded with a prize. Over 26,110 minutes were spent reading. Participants at programs ranged from 25-35 children.

For the first year, teens were invited to participate in a program and read a certain number of books.  Over ten students took part.

Thanks to our many supporters who made the program valuable. Hannah Stanek and Bert Bresach volunteered to read to pre-school children. The Worland Friends of the Library helped obtain prizes, and various library patrons donated craft supplies. Great gratitude is sent to prize contributors for keeping our readers motivated as they passed each level: Loaf & Jug, McDonald’s, Pepsi, and Pawn King. Thanks to Blair’s for donating ice cream for our party to end the program.


On a separate note, gratitude is indeed the word of the day as we send off our Wyoming Library Endowment Challenge records and will now receive the next level of state matching 3:1.  Because the community has given over $20,000, the state will now match with $60,000, benefiting the Ten Sleep and Worland libraries.

Please attend our endowment fundraising event on September 26 from 4:30 to 7pm at Wally and Rebecca Trembath's property south of Ten Sleep.  The cost is $30 for singles and $50 for couples.  There will be wine, beer and spiked punch plus catered food there will be a silent auction of art and other interesting items.  Music provided by local musicians. All proceeds will go towards the endowment challenge and will be matched 3 to 1 by the state.

The library system works because people like you contribute in so many ways.  Thank you for your belief in our community.


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