The Art of Listening

by Mary O. Fumento
March 2010

“So when you are listening to somebody, completely, attentively, then you are listening not only to the words, but also to the feeling of what is being conveyed, to the whole of it, not part of it.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

You can quote me on this, even if I still don’t hear you: the art of listening has never been my strong suit. But I have new incentive to yet master this skill.

I had never listened to a book on tape or CD until a car trip returning from Cheyenne when I had a chance to dive into The Hound of Rowan, which had been bouncing around in the back of my car for months. I was ready to make a return trip to the capitol city just to hear the rest of the book but decided local driving would do.

I could drive around Worland without completing an audio book before I received a citation from local authorities for the crime of cruising (big city dilemma when gang members circle blocks repeatedly to recruit).  Let it be known now I only wanted to finish the next chapter before exiting my car.  Maybe cruising is not a crime here? I can hope.

As a county, we own almost 2,000 audio books on cassette tape or CD.  With your library card, you can borrow even audio books from any other Wyoming library.  If you still cannot find a title that attracts you, over five thousand downloadable audio books are freely available to Wyoming patrons from Recorded Books and Blackstone publishing on the Netlibrary website at 

These books can be played on your computer or portable device and easily renewed.

Audio books can be utilized while exercising, doing housework, cooking, or enjoying other hobbies.  I listen to books while using my eyes and hands on another project.  My ears are currently engaged with Craig Johnson’s Kindness Goes Unpunished, and the narration is better than any voice my mind could ever create. 

We have many authors on audio books, from Charles Dickens to Jude Deveraux. We have juvenile books as well as adult, fiction and non-fiction.  There is something for everyone to check out in audio books. Ask the library staff if you have any questions.

Raising Readers Brings a Crowd

Thanks to the National Honor Society for volunteering and sponsoring the March 9 evening story time for Raising Readers in Wyoming.  Please join us on March 23 for the next event at the Worland library when Big Brothers and Big Sisters sponsor.

Raising Readers is also holding some free parent workshops on how to raise a reader.  Held at the community center from 6-8 p.m., the sessions include “Get Your Child Ready to Read!” on March 15, “Let’s Get Reading” on March 22 and “Helping Your Beginning Reader” on March 29.  Funding for these workshops is by Pacificorp Foundation of the Rocky Mountains.  Free day care is provided;please R.S.V.P. to 431-0796.

Thanks to Game Day Helpers

Over 100 people attended library game day on March 2.  Thanks to helpers Duane Whitlock, Brenda Munoz, Clay Gibbons, Amanda Shade and Sheri Averett. Even the Cat in Hat made a spectacular surprise guest appearance.  The next game day will be May 7.

Is Poetry your Passion?

Local poetry readings will begin on March 20 at 5 p.m.  Are you a poet or perhaps just like poetry?  This is a meeting for you.  Please contact 347-2353 if you are interested in attending.  Some of the local poets will be attending the “Pathways to Poetry” workshop in Casper on April 24 in honor of National Poetry Month, and we could use the practice reciting our work. Plus, outside critique is always greatly appreciated.

Okay, I will start with one of mine, in ode to the snow we had this week.


The ground pokes through
The snow, defiantly
Dark spots of brown
And some frozen green
Just small reminders
That winter won’t last
Spring’s barely distant
But for this crusty cover
A white mantle so still
It’s only here briefly
Arriving just in time
To stay a bit and leave
- Mary O. Fumento, 2010

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