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The Arduous Side of Love

I have thought much about life and the hardballs it heaves at us.

Love is all encompassing; it even includes the non-attractive sides of people. Like why some people can become weak, and others may become distant. Love includes when people get depressed and give up. It includes when people become angry and downright ugly. It includes when people become other people.

Love does not just switch off. It can change, and indeed it does. Life and people change, too.

But when people share love, it does not get diminished even in the hardest of times. It might get muddled, confused. Never lost.

Love does not just switch off. If people fall out of love, I dare say they did not have love. Because when you have it, love will haunt and help you every day of your life. It’s like sunlight.

I don’t worry so much about who people may become, for that’s circumstance. None of us control it.

I care more about what people share, for that is identity and definition, something we actively choose.

And for me, there is no better way to be identified and defined. There is no better choice.
- Mary O. Fumento, 2008

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